Workshop 2: Introduction to Satellite Remote Sensing#

Instructor: Dr. Aditya Singh ( Date: November 8 - December 6, 2021.


The second GALUP workshop aims at training core concepts in remote sensing applications for land use planning. Using Google Earth Engine (GEE), the participants will explore remote sensing data, learn common indices, and conduct land cover classification. This workshop is the first step toward understanding how RS data can be used for land-use assessments.


  • Understand information obtained from different wavelength bands

  • Learn about remote sensing (RS) systems and datasets

  • Become familiar with Google Earth Engine

  • Learn about commonly used RS indices and environmental variables

  • Conduct supervised land cover classification using GEE

  • Interpret the results from different land cover classifications

Assignment Submission and Help#

The participants will have to sign into their GitHub accounts to submit assignments. Below is a video explaining how to submit the module assignments and how to request help through GitHub. Note: It may be convenient to open videos in the workshop in a new tab or window to easily navigate the GitHub page.